New Year, New Anime!

Well! My Xmas plans didn’t go quite as well as expected. I didn’t manage my 12 Anime Reviews, though it wasn’t for lack of trying (I ended up on an extended trip with no internet, which I hadn’t anticipated), but I am coming back with… well, fewer reviews than before since I have taken on a few larger responsibilities and interests, but I’m still excited about what I’m reviewing! Thanks for staying loyal readers!

On The Twelfth Day Of Christmas Blogging..

I’m ending with an all-out post to Great Anime Moments of 2007. 0rion’s post made me remember that 2007 was a fabulous year for anime. I mean, who doesn’t like the testosterone and awesome-fueled extravaganza of TTGL? Or the cute cyber adventures of Dennou Coil? I know that if I was forced to make a list of moments for this year, I’d be hard-pressed to come up with five. Quite frankly, I’m eager to see what next year has in store because of how disappointing this year has been.

At least next year will be off to a great start, with Chihayafuru Season 2 airing for the winter season. There is hope for it yet!

Highlights from this post:

moyashimon_micro-organismsYes, these little guys that I adore to absolute pieces. So fabulous. So funny. A great show overall.

And then there’s Death Note. It is unbelievably hard to to believe that this staple of any anime watcher’s diet today aired that year. I mean, it’s friggin’ DEATH NOTE! It’s amazing that anything else came out that year, period. Or that we remember anything else came out that year.

On The Eleventh Day Of Christmas Blogging…

Another post from TWWK on the meaning behind certain Christmas specials. This time around, it’s all about Ah! My Goddess, a classic romance whose manga has been running for about 40 years. Here, he acknowledges that you can’t really mention Jesus where the Christian god doesn’t really exist, but that doesn’t mean that the spirit of the holiday doesn’t shine through! I’ve been through some hard times financially with my family (and on my own), and know how hard it is to really find a heartfelt gift. It’s easy to tell someone that you don’t need anything… but when the spirit of giving is upon us, it’s unbearable hard to just let it go.

Highlights from this post: It covers THREE episodes! Three! And you can watch them on Funimation’s site.

On The Tenth Day Of Christmas Blogging…

Kimi ni Todoke, a series I’m very personally torn on, has its Christmas episode explored in a very in-depth post. This post gets me because it acknowledges that Christmas isn’t a thing in Japan – for good reason – and yet managed to pull an episode so full of heart out of it. Yes, even in a country where they don’t do the Western version, Western values have bled through enough to make this a wonderful and touching thing.

This is especially true since Sawako’s family does a more traditional Christmas, where you celebrate with family. As people grow up and move out from their parents’ houses, they start having Christmas parties and celebrations with friends… no wonder Sawako’s dad is upset! It’s a sign his baby is growing up and starting to move on.

Fantastic post about a fantastic episode.

On The Nineth Day Of Christmas Blogging…


I bring you yet another post by Inushinde. Often, one of the biggest things we remember of an anime is a quote, something that made a character stand out, or even defined a show. For Inushinde, she’s recalled a number of quotes that made certain anime stand out last year, from Madoka‘s “Will You Make A Contract With Me?” to “Ehhhh?” from Nichijou. These are what people will say to each other, from fan to fan… and most certainly anyone at a convention will recognize a few. Quotes create common bonds between people, and makes it a very worthy choice for a Christmas post on anime.

On The Eighth Day Of Christmas Blogging…


I have yet another post on Christmas Specials in anime! Why? Well, the nice thing about blogging is that everyone has a different opinion of what Christmas specials are noteworthy, and definitely makes for an interesting comparison. On this one, I see Rental Magica (one that is also quite near and dear to my heart because of my own religious beliefs), Gundam 0080: War in the Pocket – something that would thrill a whole lot of mecha fans and surprise everyone else – and Lupin III TV.

These are specials I have yet to see listed on anyone (and I mean ANYONE) else’s lists! Toradora? Been there, done that. CCS? Yeah, that’s also fairly common. But there’s a definite dearth of the overdone, which makes this an extremely special Christmas list.

On The Seventh Day Of Christmas Blogging…

There was a post about Christmas Episodes that everyone should watch. Because, quite frankly, there are some excelent ones out there.

… I’m also partial to how Tokyo Godfathers is on the list, my own personal favorite Christmas anime.

Highlights of this post:


Minami-ke Christmas! It’s a show all about family to begin with, and that makes it an ideal show for a fantastic Christmas episode.


Card Captor Sakura. A show that values friendship and sticking necks out for eachother turned out a fantastic Christmas episode, which I can fully recommend as well.

tokyogodfathersAnd, of course, the perennial favorite, Tokyo Godfathers!

On The Sixth Day Of Christmas Blogging…

Inushinda decided to post about the 12 Best/Worst of whatever she felt like!

Anime is so full of strange and wonderful things that it’s just too easy to go with a straight up Best/Worst Show list. We all need to take a cue from her! More ’12 Most WTF Moments in Anime’! ’12 Most Delicious Meals in Anime’! ’12 Best/Worst Anime Couples This Year’! There’s more than one way to remember a year, especially in anime!

Best best/worst thing on this list?


On The Fifth Day Of Christmas Blogging…


Last year, TWWK wrote a series of posts on the twelve things that we should focus on during Christmas, and what anime exemplifies it.

The post I’m writing about specifically is the one on Maison Ikkoku, another anime series that I have yet to see (or read the manga of). But this post really touches on something that dozens of stories tell and retell: How we sacrifice for others on Christmas. Scrooge calls the whole day off, sacrificing his profits (okay, yes it was after being scared witless, but still!), The Gift of the Magi is a holiday tale that’s been turned into a Mickey Mouse special, for heaven’s sake! And it’s great how Maison Ikkoku’s Christmas special touches on that idea.

This is a fantastically written post, really delving into what’s being said in the episode and connecting that with true Christmas spirit. Good job, TWWK! And thanks for reminding me of something else I need to pick up this coming year.

On The Fourth Day Of Christmas Blogging…


I found a post reflecting on blogging and remember how I said I was changing things up earlier this year.

I brought my own blog from Blogger very early last year, after stumbling on a few neat WordPress ones that various internet denizens I know started. It had been a New Year’s resolution to change mine up that year somehow, and I did! One of the most memorable quotes from ETERNAL’s post is:

The bottom line is that as bloggers gain more experience and the act of writing about anime becomes less exotic, many of us search for ways to experience fandom from a different perspective and discover something new.

This is unbelievable true. I ended up starting a second blog early this year (Going In Blindly), and it’s given me a different perspective on anime in general. Taking apart anime episode-by-episode is HARD, and time-consuming. I don’t know how the weekly bloggers do it!

At the same time, a few months ago I determined that I’d change things up a bit more by creating editorials. I’d never written one for my own blog before. In many ways, this is more difficult than just blogging episodically, because this means I have to sit down and really reflect on various anime-  and manga-related topics, and make it interesting for people to read. Even worse is when you try to do something unique! It takes a lot of creative juices to get one of these going, and doing them has expanded my little viewpoint on anime a lot.

Again, not particularly Christmas-y. But it does have a lot to do with my own resolution for the new year with this blog, and that’s something special.

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