On The Fifth Day Of Christmas Blogging…


Last year, TWWK wrote a series of posts on the twelve things that we should focus on during Christmas, and what anime exemplifies it.

The post I’m writing about specifically is the one on Maison Ikkoku, another anime series that I have yet to see (or read the manga of). But this post really touches on something that dozens of stories tell and retell: How we sacrifice for others on Christmas. Scrooge calls the whole day off, sacrificing his profits (okay, yes it was after being scared witless, but still!), The Gift of the Magi is a holiday tale that’s been turned into a Mickey Mouse special, for heaven’s sake! And it’s great how Maison Ikkoku’s Christmas special touches on that idea.

This is a fantastically written post, really delving into what’s being said in the episode and connecting that with true Christmas spirit. Good job, TWWK! And thanks for reminding me of something else I need to pick up this coming year.


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  1. soaringwings
    Dec 24, 2012 @ 07:30:00

    I really enjoyed Maison Ikkoku, but I can’t seem to remember the Christmas episode. D: (Maybe that’s why my attempt to write a post on Christmas moments in anime and manga is a failure. ^__^;;; )


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