“The Great Escape” – Zzombie Infestation (Visual Novel) – 2/10 Sunflowers

Run away! ~ Anonymous

Genre: Action/Horror

Review Status: Complete

Licensed: This is free for donwload on Ren’Py

Art/Animation: What art and animation? There is one (grossly undersized) photo used as the background, and it never changes.

Summary: You wake up one morning, and ZOMBIES! You need to try and escape with your wife.

Review: Practice makes perfect, right? I’m hoping so, since this sincerely needs a lot of work before another version is unleashed on the unsuspecting public! The premise is completely standard for a zombie game (not that this is bad, a lot of great games can be made with a standard premise as long as the execution is solid), but has a nice variety of options to try and escape from the zombies. This is brought down with dialogue and actions that are trite and riddled with misspellings. It’s a very shallow story, a simple tale of survival where you need to escape with and protect your wife. There’s nothing more to it, and some of it can come off a bit wrong – you protect your wife and take on all the duties of survival. She doesn’t help at all. There’s a hint of sexism in the way that’s written that really didn’t help the game’s case. There isn’t a whole lot to say about it – it was one-dimentional, shallow, uninspired, and boring.

Overall, this has a long road to go down before being a truly competent game.

Recommended: 13+. There are some gorey descriptions of zombies being killed, but they aren’t lingered on and it’s not like you see anything.

Other titles you might enjoy:

High School of the Dead (anime and manga)

I Am A Hero (manga)

Tokyo Zombie (manga)


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