“H2O and H2SO4” – Perfect Chemistry (Visual Novel) – 9/10 Sunflowers

Genre: School/Romance

Review Status: Complete

Licensed: This is available for free download on Ren’Py

Art: I definitely was a fan of the character designs. They aren’t quite professional-level, but they are cute! While the backgrounds are nothing to write home about, they’re perfectly fine for the story.

Summary: Sara’s chemistry partner has recently had ex-girlfriend issues. Could Sara’s involvement be the start of their relationship?

Review: This is one of the VNs that make me take hope in homemade ones. Honestly, this has a lot of things going for it – the story is very fleshed-out, taking place over the course of a few weeks, there are a number of different paths and endings, the writing is pretty good, and it looks and runs well. I was pretty impressed with how they managed to make a screen with text messages pop up, and the story flow? Thumbs-up! It was interesting to note how the answers to get the ‘good ending’ weren’t always obvious, which I thought was pretty neat.

I don’t have that many complaints. The story was interesting – I thought Sara was very relatable and utterly charming, while her love interest seemed pretty realistic. None of the situations seem very out-there, and honestly? This is one of the most slice-of-life stories I’ve come across in the slice-of-life genre. It really does seem like something that could happen in real life! There are pop quizzes, text messages, a nosy brother, and ex-girlfriend drama! But none of it is overplayed. That being said, in a few places the dialogue dd drag a little. There were a few places where there was a lot of dialogue with little to no plot advancement, which made me a little bored. This is probably personal preference, since this could easily be a very fine, solid fleshing out to other players.

I did enjoy the endings, and seeing how making a different choice in one part could give me an entirely different ending. I enjoyed that there were a number of different endings possible, though getting them all was an… interesting adventure! Sometimes all it took was one different choice in one of the last menu screens to change everything. But I feel that all the different endings were good, and realistic, very much in-keeping with the setting and characters.

Overall, if you’re looking for a sweet slice-of-life VN, this is the one to go for!

Recommended: 10+. There’s nothing shocking or inappropriate going on here.

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