“A Glass Slipper” – Being Beauteous (Kinetic Novel) – 9/10 Sunflowers

Genre: Romance/Fantasy

Review Status: Complete

Licensed: This is licensed and available for download on Ren’Py (free).

Art/Animation: While this was only done in sketches, the art was still very good, far better art than I’ve seen in more fully-colored VNs.

Summary: A retelling of the Cinderella story.

Review: How many ways can you retell Cinderella? There’s the Disney version, Ella Enchanted, Ever After, and now this VN makes an attempt. Honestly, I’m rather impressed with it. This takes a more realic look at the aftermath of the ball, with people able to make replicas of the other slipper and Cinderella eventually being kicked out of her stepmother’s house and needing to support herself.

This is still short, fairy-tale legnth, but still manages to work in a happy ending. It takes time and coincidence, and their lives aren’t easy, but Cinderella does manage to get with the prince. In some ways, it’s more romantic and sweeter than when they get to be together right off the bat.

Overall, this is a great retelling of a classic story, and I give it two thumbs up!

Recommended: 13+, it mentions that Cinderella had to resort once to prostitution to save herself. But only one time.

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