“A Ghost In The Attic” – Hungry Ghosts (Kinetic Novel) – 5/10 Sunflowers

Genre: Supernatural/Historical

Review Status: Complete

Licensed: It’s licensed and can be found for a free download on Ren’Py

Art/Animation: The backgrounds are just fine, with great pictures very suited to the atmosphere and setting. The character sprites are adorable, well-drawn, and look like something you’d find in a child’s picture book. It didn’t take away from the atmosphere much, though it did seem a little out of place for a story that was supposed to be fairly tragic.

Summary: A girl moves into an ancient house and finds a ghost – one that she has to help move on!

Review: I’m a big fan of ghost stories, and am very familiar with the term ‘hungry ghosts’. As an affictionado I have to say that this term is horribly misused in the title, since there are no hungry ghosts to be had! It’s merely the tale of a young girl’s spirit that hasn’t been able to move on because of spirit amnesia.

I liked that the story is, for the most part, pretty fleshed-out. There’s a good amount of wonderful exposition about where they’re living and why the main character comes to live there. This isn’t true for the whole VN, though. The whole story behind the ghost and who she is and all that was run through incredibly quickly and conveniently for the main character. She manages to figure everything out before dinner! That set-up made the main section feel more like a children’s story than anything, which is at an odd contrast with the rest of the writing.

The story isn’t a bad one. I did think the main girl was cute, and the ghost was fun. It reminded me a lot of Casper. But I really feel that some parts could have been expanded on.

Overall, the story isn’t bad, but the set-up isn’t that fantastic.

Recommended: 11+. The story is rather tragic (a child dies), but it’s off-screen. There’s not a whole lot of objectionable material here.

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