“The Song In My Heart” – Voiceful (manga) – 7/10 Streamers

A bird does not sing because it has an answer.  It sings because it has a song.  ~Chinese Proverb

Mangaka: Nawoko

Genre: Romance/Shoujo-Ai

Review Status: Complete (1 Volume/1 Volume)

Licensed: Yes, this manga is licensed in the US.

Art: It’s pretty plain in the backgrounds, like most shoujo, but the character designs are adorable, with some good shading, and the art shows a great sense of movement, especially in how the hair and the clothes ‘move’ in the wind.

Summary: Meet Kanae, an introvert about to have her life transformed in the most unusual way- through music. Kanae’s transformation begins when she accidentally bumps into Hina, an independent singer who releases her music via the internet. As the girls become good friends, they quickly find that they’ve become one another’s inspiration- in more ways than one! (back cover)

Review: I admit to picking this up blindly n my local library because I thought it looked adorable. To my great surprise, this followed through on that promise- two girls meet by fate, and through the encouragement of one, they both overcome some of their own issues. If ever there was a story that was light on the romance, this is it. It’s about two girls who have issues, but those issues compliment each other’s. It’s nice, because you can see how one’s stregnths help them reach out and encourage the other, and howa few simple words can reach another person’s heart.

Watching their relationship grow is really sweet and innocent- there isn’t even a kiss. They act like sisters, like friends, but little interactions let you know that their feelings are a little more- like showing up for a big event. And when one decides to make a big change, the other comes and gives all her support, even with some of the doubts she has. That’s a relationship, and I was so happy to see that instead of romantic drama that usually is drawn out to make a story longer than it needs to be. Voiceful doesn’t waste a page, with tight storytelling and a sweet story to boot.

Overall, even though this was short, it was a sincere (and sincerely) good love story.

Recommended: 10+. It’s mentioned that there was abuse in Hina’s home, and you see the entirely covered body of her sister.

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