“Proof Positive” – Nevermore (Visual Novel) – 6/10 Black Cats

Genre: Mystery/Horror

Type: Kinetic Novel

Review Status: Complete (Kinetic Novel- Single Storyline)

Licensed: It’s licensed and free for download at http://games.renpy.org/

Art/Animation: This has some very good art in it. It looks pretty professional, with good designs and deep, vibrant colors. The shading and coloring is also wonderful. There really isn’t much animation to speak of, but the transitions are used well and in the right places.

Voice Acting: Unfortunately, it’s a bit stiff and lifeless. I think that going without would have been the better way to go, because no matter how bad things seem in the story, the main narrator just can’t really get any emotion into his voice. His mother’s voice is better, and I’m indifferent to everyone else.

Summary: Strange nightmares are taking over his life, and the days and nights are melding together. Why?

Review: This has some surprisingly fantastic atmosphere. Real life and dreams come together with some startlingly dark imagery- crows, and the lines of ‘The Raven’ by Edgar Allen Poe. You flash back and forth between dreams and reality as they meld together. Flashes of the truth of what’s happening blend with the dark flashes of night.

Quite frankly, it’s an excellent setup for a supernatural mystery. What is affecting him? Who is that woman? What is the importance of ‘The Raven’?

What it all is, is a huge letdown. I was beyond disappointed in the reveal and the abruptness of the ending. I hope that there will be some sort of continuation, because it’s an excellent prologue. Left as it is… not so much.

Overall, while there was a lot of promise, there is a lot lacking.

Recommended: 8+. There is some weird, surreal imagery that might not be for the youngest players.

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