“The Tears Of An Angel” – Wish (manga) – 9/10 Black Cats

When the gods wish to punish us they answer our prayers. ~Oscar Wilde

Mangaka: CLAMP

Genre: Comedy/Romance/Fantasy/Shoujo

Review Status: Complete (4 Volumes/4 Volumes)

Licensed: No. This was formerly licensed by Tokyopop but has not been picked up again.

Art: Very typical CLAMP. Enlongated limbs, men that also look pretty feminine (along with men that look like men, but are just handsome), Long, flowing robes, etc. This particular title can throw some off with the art for the angels- since they are depicted as neither male nor female, they decided that the easiest way to depict this was via hairstyle- half being more ‘masculine (like where half of Kohaku’s hair is cut boyishly short) and half more ‘feminine’ (the other half of Kohaku’s hair is longish and makes him look more female). Some hairstyles come across better than others, but they all end up ambiguously sexual because of it.

Summary: One moonlit night Shuichiro saved an angel stuck in a tree. The angel granted him a wish to repay his generosity. Shuichiro said, “I need no wish, I can get what I want on my own.” But they’d both soon learn that some wishes can’t be fulfilled alone.

Review: CLAMP varies from hack-and-slash titles to so-cute-it-should-be-illegal. This falls into the latter category. Kohaku needs to be saved by a overly zealous cat, and Shuichiro saves him. Thus their story is set into motion, with Kohaku determined to grant Shuichiro a wish. At the same time, he must also find his missing senpai, who has inexplicably disappeared from heaven.

With only 4 volumes, it doesn’t take long for what happened to get out. There’s forbidden love all around, as well as Kohaku learning what it means to really love someone. Even if that means defying God. Yep, that’s right! God “makes an appearance” indirectly through his messenger that looks like an adorable stuffed rabbit, sending messages back and forth to His angels. There are subplots involving Heaven, Hell, and the conflict between them, but because of the length of the story aren’t explored very deeply.

Things do take a turn for the tragic. It turns out that God does have his reasons for everything, but to try and not spoil things too much, I will only say that there is a happy ending to this. I couldn’t have been happier, because I had really come to like the characters and wanted the best for them. Even the most mischievous was adorable. Kohaku is the most developed character of all, wonderfully realized as a person. The others are too but to a lesser degree. And I adored the side comments by the birds and other creatures- they made nice asides.

There isn’t much else I could ask for in this It’s well-paced, it’s sweet, it has a happy ending… I think the only thing that I felt was off was the sexual innuendos (nothing blatant or obscene is ever said) that seemed at odds with the general innocence of the series.

Overall, this was a lovely story about true love.

Recommended: 16+. There are 3 minor swears in the whole series- I’m pretty sure all of them came from the demon that torments Kohaku. Other than that, what drives the rating up is the sexual implication (both stated directly- where Kokuyo states that he and Hisui made love, and Kouryuu makes the comment that he and Kokuyo have been intimate before- and indirectly- such as when Kouryuu pulls his two servants into bed with him. Nothing is seen but the covers for one panel before moving on, where it’s clear nothing happened but a suggestive comment is made). Some people label this as shounen-ai, but since the angels and demons are neither gender, this doesn’t really apply.

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