"Knight in Otaku Armor" – Train Man : A Shoujo Manga (manga) – 9/10 Turkeys

We love because it’s the only true adventure. ~Nikki Giovanni

Genre: Romance/ Shoujo

Review Status: Complete (1 volume/ 1 volume)

Licensed: Licensed in the US

Art/Animation: Nice and clear. Fairly standard art, but not bad by far.

Summary: Geeky fanboy Ikumi Saiki has a dream that someday, somehow, he’ll finally get a girlfriend. Then one day, on the train home, he rescues a beautiful girl from a troublesome drunk. Now the girl sees the hero inside the otaku — and it appears that Ikumi will finally find romance! But though Ikumi found the courage to save her, will he ever be brave enough to win her heart? Desparate, Ikumi posts an urgent plea on an Internet message board: “Help me with the girl of my dreams!” Ikumi’s story ignites the whole online world. Everyone is ready to help Ikumi prove that even an otaku can find true love! (Source: Del Rey)

Review: This is considered a pretty standard, well-done romance manga. And I have to agree. It tells a simple story about a guy who has a few social insecurities, who manages to stand up against a drunk man when no one else will. The girl he stands up for gives him her number, and the rest is history! While it may not be the most original, it’s still very nicely done- from how he dances around asking her out, while dealing with the fact that she has a boyfriend, and how he finally gets the courage to ask her out when her boyfriend dumps her.

The great part wasn’t so much the story, but the characters. Ikumi makes a fairly realistic otaku man, who isn’t sure how to navigate the thin line of friend and love interest, who relies on his many internet followers for advice and encouragement. His love interest, while far less defined as he is (we barely know her), still manages to be sweet without being saccharine. And then you had my personal favorites- the internet fanbase, made of those who have practical life advice, those who’ve never been out with a girl, some who are just dying to see this romance play out, and all who are amusing and fun to listen to.

Overall, this was a treat to read. I can’t wait to get my hands on the original version!

Recommended: 10+ for the drunk man.

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