"Seriously Wierd" – Bizenghast (manga) – 10/10 Pumpkins

I walk in the realm of the supernatural. ~Benny Hinn

Genre: Horror/Mystery/Drama

Review Status: Incomplete (7 Volumes/ ? Volumes)

: Licensed in the US

Art: Odd, Gothic-looking, but not unappealing. I would actually say that it works very well for this manga. It would look very odd for anything other than a horror manga! And the level of detail is wonderful. It’s all very effective, and very good.

: When her parents die in a car accident, Dinah Wherever is sent to live with her aunt in an old house that used to be part of a reform school in the run-down, decrepit town of Bizenghast, MA. In the woods surrounding her new home, she discovers a hidden graveyard that is home to a vast array of restless spirits, people whose violent and unhappy deaths have made it impossible for them to find the way to the next world. There she discovers that she has two choices: she can help these lost souls… or she can become one of them. (ANN.net)

Review: While this is an American-made manga, that doesn’t stop it from being a fantastic work of imagination. The mangaka manages to imbue this rundown little seaside town with lots of personality and life… so to speak.

The characters are characters. You have the classic two sides of the same coin couple in Dinah and her best friend Vincent. She is a depressed, anxious girl that suffers from being able to see the spirits, and it’s slowly driving her out of her mind. He is a true gentleman that tries to understand her and what she is going through. The two guardians that they hav met and made friends of (so far), Edaniel and Edrear even more so, with Edaniel being an amazingl off-the-wall boy who spends more time as a cat than cute human, and Edread, his brother, is even more of gentleman than Vincent!

The story is also fantastic- Dinah accidentally is drawn into the world of the dead, needing to help them find their ways to the Great Beyond…. Or the Great Below, as it sometimes is the case. But there’s a bigger mystery going on- some of the dead aren’t resting as peacefully as they should, and even more dark things than even the Guardians of the Mausoleum could have anticipated. Each volume brings you closer to what’s going on, and closer to the fight that Dinah must undertake to save the town and its inhabitants.

Overall, there are disturbing images and death depicted. It’s not graphic, but this is a manga for those 13 and over.

Recommended: For sure! This has enough creepy atmosphere to last you a good while. 13+ due to violence, death, and some gore. There’s also dead bodies/dead body parts.

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