"A Song Of Love" – Macross Frontier (anime) – 9/10 Sugar Cubes

“The impact of space activities is nothing less than the galvanizing of hope and imagination for human life continuum into a future of infinite possibility.” ~ Vanna Bonta

Genre: Sci-fi/ Drama/ Romance/ Action

Review Status: Full (25 Episodes/ 25 Episodes)

Licensed: Unlicensed in the US

Art/Animation: Stunning. Especially for a TV series! The characters are all recognizable, the mecha are beautifully designed, the colors are bright and vibrant, while the animation is smooth and consistently wonderful.

Summary: “After being threatened by extinction at the hands of alien invaders called the Zentradi, humanity undertook the task of guaranteeing itself a future by launching fleets of colony ships into space. On Macross Frontier, one such fleet, high school student Saotome Alto’s life is changed forever: the fleet is suddenly attacked by unidentified creatures while he is performing aerial stunts for a concert by the wildly popular idol Sheryl.

Alto quickly finds himself in the cockpit of a new-model fighter struggling to protect Ranka Lee, a young girl he met only hours earlier, from the invaders’ swath of destruction. Noting his performance during this incident, the S.M.S. Skull Squadron private military company invites Alto to join their organization, where he continues protecting his friends and Macross Frontier.” (MAL.net)

Review: One of the latest installments of the Macross franchise, Frontier was made for the 25th anniversary of it, and they pulled out all the stops. This has everything that you could want in an action/romance anime, from fantastic, well-rounded characters with interesting histories and goals that they’re fighting for. The alien attackers, the Varja, are genuinely terrifying. You learn little about their motivations or goals until late in the game, and the not knowing mixed with how deadly they are makes for a truly involving story.

The visuals are fantastic, with bright, vibrant colors, great CG, and spaceships that look pretty darn good. The music is also fantastic, and voice acting above par. Unfortunately, this also works against the series, due to the sheer amount of songs that there are- the royalties would be astronomical! There’s not much more that you could ask from this series, which does very well as a stand-alone (there is one episode where you get a tie-in with something earlier, though), but unfortunately, as good as the ending is, will leave a lot vaguely unsatisfied. I can’t say anymore without spoiling it!

Overall, if you’re a mecha fan, or even if you just love a good story, this show will not fail to deliver!

: Duh? But probably for those 12 and over, because there are somewhat gory deaths (usually off-screen, but the blood spatter can be somewhat graphic), and some sexual innuendo (those girls love Alto, and I can’t blame them!)

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