“Just Because I Don’t Have A Face, Doesn’t Mean I Don’t Have A Soul…” – Hotel (Manga) – 10/10 Sugar Cubes

When the robot mind is mastered, undisciplined thinking ceases and is replaced by awareness. Awareness can know love. ~ Barry Long

Genre: Sci-fi/ Drama

Review Status: Full (1 Chapter/ 1 Chapter)

Licensed: Unlicensed in the US

Art: Excellent. More of an American comic style than manga, but it works in favor of the realism in this story.

Summary: In the year 2272 A.D. Mankind is extinct. A computer continues to live on in order to complete a mission in a world where all life has gone extinct. This is a record of those 27 million years of its heroic struggle.

Review: Sometimes a story hits you so deeply it’s hard to find the words to express yourself. For me, this is it. This is a story in the vein of, and perhaps influenced by, many of Isaac Asimov’s stories, from Bicentennial Man to I, Robot (and yes, those were books long before they were movies).

It isn’t long- it doesn’t need to be. The narration has a flow that is very tight. Nothing more than necessary is said, and what is said is more than enough to convey what has happened, what is happening. The art is also clear, concise, breathtaking in some places, adding depth to what is said.

There are many layers of feeling in this story, from the ironic to melancholy, to hope that has lasted far longer than it had any right to.

Overall, it is the story of a robot and his duty, at times an honor, at times a burden, but surviving beyond the end of time until a new beginning.

Recommended: Read it. 10+ for implied deaths of all humans and for the robot.

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