“It goes on… And on… And on…” – Uzumaki: Spiral into Horror (Manga) – 3/10 Sugar Cubes

“Sanity calms, but madness is more interesting.” ~John Russell

Genre: Horror

Review Status: Full (3 Volumes/3 Volumes)

Licensed: Licensed in the US

Art: Rough, not that pretty. Appropriate, given the subject matter. Gives a good atmosphere, though.

Summary: Kirei lives in a town that lately has odd occurrences, and each one somehow is connected to a spiral. Soon the spiral occurrences spread to infect even the bodies of people, which suddenly turns the everyday events in her life into chaos and horror. (From ANN. com)

Review: I picked this up hoping for some chills up my spine. I got them… for about the first volume and a half. Then everything fell into your typical horror-movie mentality- lots of stupidity and a definite lack of common sense.

Which is a real shame! This had a lot of things going for it- a creepy atmosphere, a strange obsession taking over the townspeople, one entirely sane character that could clearly see what was going on… It was going great!

Too bad it didn’t last. No matter how strange, odd, or downright impossible the occurances became, no one bothers to escape… until it’s TOO LATE! Yeah, you heard me. Because no one can escape the curse of the spiral! *DUN DUN DUNNNN*

….So, yeah.

Overall, this isn’t the best horror that you could pick up. If you’re up for a cheap thrill, then go for it- at three volumes, it’s a short diversion.

Recommended: Not really. Maybe if you can find it at your local library. 16+, though, since this does have the implications of cannibalism, disturbing scenes, non-graphic nudity, some language.

Others you might like instead: Higurashi: When They Cry (manga and anime),
Hell Girl (anime),
Elfen Lied (both the manga and anime are horrific, though the manga is much longer and more involved),
Bokurano (both the manga and anime)


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